Vape Pens: Explained

Cannabis vape pens have truly changed the game when it comes to how we consume cannabis. People have switched to […]

How to Make Cannabutter

Fall marks the beginning of pie season! And what better ingredient to add to your homemade crust than cannabutter? You […]

Homebound High

With cold weather coming and self-isolating still happening, we’re all stuck in our homes. We have come up with some […]

Cannabis and Sports

Cannabis and sports are becoming more intertwined than ever. With professional athletes like Charles Dimry, Cliff Robinson, and Tim Lincecum […]

Vaping: Good or Bad?

In the summer of 2019, America faced a vaping health crisis. Products purchased on the illicit market contained vitamin E […]

Keeping Your Flower Fresh

If you’ve ever looked for an expiration date on your fresh bought flower, you’ve noticed that there is none. There […]

How to Clean Your Bong

Just like everything else in your home, your bong needs to be cleaned. Every time you smoke a bowl, residue […]

How to Shop for Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls, aka joints, have remained popular throughout the years. With their ease of use, they’re perfect to share with friends […]

How to Buy Flower

You haven’t consumed cannabis since college and the days of buying off your roommates boyfriend’s friend are long gone or… […]

What Are Terpenes?

You might have heard the word “terpene” thrown around the last time you were at a dispensary and wondered what […]

Edibles Are Trending

This summer has been a pivotal time for cannabis-infused products. More and more people are looking for alternative ways besides […]

Best Summer Mocktails

With summer starting and beautiful sunny days ahead, we wanted to share our favorite summer mocktail recipes! You can sip […]

Peanut Butter CannaKisses

I’ve always loved the peanut butter cookies with a big chocolate chip in the middle. Now, with medicated chocolate, you […]

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We Stand With You

In lieu of recent events, we at Platinum Vape feel we need to address the current situation and where we […]

PV’s Guide to Edibles

If you’ve been interested in edibles but have never taken one yourself, then this guide is for you! Whether or […]

Mothers Day Gift Guide

We all know our mom’s deserve the best, but with Mother’s Day coming up amidst global pandemic craziness, we think […]


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