(May 23, 2019) San Diego, CA—The LGBTQ community and cannabis industry have been fighting legalization and overcoming similar obstacles for decades. Although in many cases they have been working side by side in their fights for accepted social justice, the LGBTQ community still remains under-represented in the growing legal marijuana industry. San Diego based cannabis company, Platinum, is publicly recognizing this void in the trade through three ways: unique branding, community involvement and philanthropic efforts.

The lack of LGBTQ’s presence in the cannabis community has been nationally recognized in a recent article by Leafly journalist, Rob Csernyik, as he  addresses the demographic question: “Is the cannabis community ignoring its LGBTQ customers?” According to Csernyik, “in a sector still dominated by stereotypes and stoner tropes, the industry often overlooks LGBTQ representation.” Similarly, Andre Bourque, author of Forbes article, The Road To National Marijuana Legalization Has Allies In The LGBTQ Community, states “In the long run, it is critical that the movement for national legalization not forget the histories of the groups that have borne the brunt of the war on drugs or helped push legalization at the state level for decades.” Given this long-term connection, the question arises as to why the cannabis industry has been struggling to show the LGBTQ community that their product really is meant for them?

As the cannabis market becomes more and more saturated, the challenge arises of finding unique ways to set products apart from competitors. In an effort to represent the LGBTQ community in their branding and marketing efforts, Platinum is selling 15,000 limited edition PRIDE Cartridge boxes. One dollar from each sale will be donated to a predetermined LGBTQ non-profit organization in the communities we serve throughout the months of June and July.

 Without sacrificing quality of the product, Platinum has been focusing on the creativity of their packaging so when buyers walk into a dispensary their eyes are drawn to the bright colored boxes and creative designs. The PRIDE Box does not fall short of originality, as it is dazzled in rainbows, vivid colors and loving words that embrace equality. As appealing packaging just isn’t enough, Platinum added in a philanthropic element of the PRIDE box to show the LGBTQ community that they care deeply about the same things. George Sadler, co-owner of Platinum, states “Giving back is deeply rooted in our corporate values and being able to directly benefit organizations that serve this community has long been on our radar.”

In order to be a true community brand, companies need to be willing to continuously change and adapt to the needs, interests and values of the people who give them meaning. In another effort to show support for the LGBTQ community Platinum is heavily involved in the annual PRIDE Awards Gala. The Gala is held at the Sacramento Community Center, which for the past thirty-four years has worked to create a haven where LGBTQ people can build community, find safety and affirmation, and lead healthy lifestyles.

Given the struggle for legalization of both cannabis and LGBTQ rights, it is crucial that cannabis companies provide a space that is accepting and welcoming to all people.  As Csernyik stated in the Leafly article, “It’s important for companies who want to sell to the LGBTQ community to make sure they are represented in the workplace and that they commit to building a long-term relationship.” In a similar thought, Sadler explains, “Platinum’s purpose is to provide people that normally wouldn’t have opportunities in the job space a chance to be successful and feel good about what they are doing. I describe our company of 60+ employees in San Diego as ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ or the ‘Island of Misfits’. I personally didn’t graduate high school, went back later to get my GED, and there are only a few people at our company that have a college degree. We have employees of all ages and walks of life including members from the LGTBQ community. Our diverse group is what makes us not only unique but extremely talented in so many different facets,” he exclaims. “We believe that this is the first combined effort of cannabis and pride in the support of social awareness,” states Sadler. “We’re very hopeful to continue this alliance for many events and galas to come. We want to encourage everyone, no matter what sexual orientation, to ‘Live your Platinum Life with PRIDE.’”


Platinum: Born in 2013 in San Diego, California as a father and son family business with a passion to perfect an oil that would be powerful, consistent, and desirable. Platinum Vape has been a part of the cannabis industry’s transitions from legendary California “Wild West” era to the current phase of professional standards and practices. From the start, we’ve never wavered on our values of hard work, dedication and the stubborn resolve to make the best personal vaporizer on the market. It all begins with selecting the finest plants for extraction. Our farming partners are masters at their craft to ensure pesticide-free, high-potency cannabis flower. The result is top quality cannabis oil. In this article Vista Prime Management LLC is referred to as Platinum.