This summer has been a pivotal time for cannabis-infused products. More and more people are looking for alternative ways besides traditional smoking to relax & medicate during these crazy times. Edibles reign supreme as a top solution for wellness and recreation. According to a New York Times studies, edible sales have increased over 50% during the pandemic. Consumers are recognizing the value of marijuana during challenging climates such as these. This statistic has been validated by numerous states across the country, where cannabis is now deemed an essential industry.

As this rapidly growing infused product category is taking center stage, Platinum is taking an innovative approach to stay ahead of the trends and always forward-thinking.

PV Chocolate Bars in production

Here Come The Holidaze

No, we are not offering a Christmas in July bar. But similar to the mainstream food industry, Platinum releases limited-edition holiday products like our popular, sold out All-American Bar. This was a limited run in June. In case you missed it and all its deliciousness, it was a medicated white chocolate bar featuring red, white & blue sprinkles and…(drumroll please)… popping candy! This was a huge hit within our California market.

Each seasonal flavor is infused with common flavors that are indulged by many around these times. Remember, they are always in limited supply and in high demand. Stay connected to our social channels for updates on when they will be released.

We Don’t Just Have a Chocolate Factory

Did you know that Platinum sells gummies? Okay, you probably did BUT did you know they are Vegan?! That’s right. No animals were harmed in the making of these gummy coins. Each one is 10mg and packs a calming and soothing punch. We offer a variety of flavors from birthday cake to fruit punch.

PV Fruit Punch Gummy Coins

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Indulge Responsibly.

As we navigate unprecedented circumstances, remember cannabis can also be your friend AND food.  As more consumers rely on infused products, Platinum will be creating edibles that feel familiar, use natural ingredients, and deliver joyful moments. 

What flavors would you like to see? Whether its chocolate covered pretzel or tacos, tell us! Send us a DM on Instagram @PV_California for a chance to be featured on our story.