With cold weather coming and self-isolating still happening, we’re all stuck in our homes. We have come up with some great activities to do while you’re at home this fall. First things first, grab your favorite PV product and get stoned.


Yogis have been using cannabis for centuries before their practice. Yogis previously consumed bhang, a cannabis infused beverage, but now yogis consume cannabis in all types of forms. Cannabis use with yoga can help with the mind-body connection, and make your practice more meaningful. We recommend starting your practice with sun salutations, to complete the mind-body connection.  Allow yourself to get used to movement while the body-high allows the energy to flow.

Read that Book You’ve Been Putting Off

Many cannabis users have reported that reading while high helps with understanding. Readers also report better imagery and imagination when stoned, drawing readers into the storyline as they go through the book. Some great books to read while high are Complete Poems and Tales by Edgar Allan Poe, Milk and Honey, and My Year of Rest and Relaxation.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language has never been easier with tools like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. A new language can be challenging and frustrating, but if you do it while high, you may have enhanced focus.  So try a sativa strain.

Tap Into Your Artsy Side

Find your creative side and grab some paint and canvas. Edibles or a joint can make this an engrossing, fun time.  Painting can be a great stress reliever, but also a great way to create some fun artwork to hang around your home! You can even roller skate and paint if you’re feeling up to a large project. Try other types of art, like making jewelry, knitting a new blanket so you’re reading for winter, or dye your hair a fun color. 

Meditate While You Medicate

Meditation can be important in these trying times and can help with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep. The endeavor to center oneself and find balance in life is not always easy. Using cannabis (perhaps micro-dosing) in your meditation practice may assist in preparing the mind and body by relaxing and raising sensory awareness. Calming the mind is always a plus. 


Cannabis and self-care are a match made in heaven. A bath bomb, a joint, and a clay mask are all you need for the perfect evening in. Self-care is especially important now that the days are shorter, the weather colder and outdoor activities are in short supply.

What’s your favorite high activity at home?