You know that one guy that’s been setting off fireworks in everyone’s neighborhoods every night? Yea, he’s in our neighborhoods too. And our fur babies are stressed, to say the least. 

Here at Platinum Vape, we treasure our pets, and we want them to feel safe and happy during 4th of July celebrations… and every night when those 10 fireworks are set off at varying intervals. There’s many things that can help, including keeping your dog inside and using white noise, but we want to talk about our tried and true solution: CBD

CBD for dogs has many uses, including reducing anxiety which will help them out with the loud popping of fireworks this upcoming holiday. Though there’s little research done regarding pets and CBD, there’s lots of anecdotal evidence. 

How to Choose

When shopping for CBD for your furball, you’ll want to make sure you purchase something specifically made for pets. If they’re a picky eater, maybe go for an oil you can mix in with their food or dip treats in. If your dog loves treats, medicated treats are the way to go! 

Other Uses

CBD has many other uses for pets, including help with nausea, and appetite stimulation. Studies have also shown that CBD can aid in dogs with epilepsy and osteoarthritis. 

We hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July!