(April 12, 2019) San Diego, CALocal cannabis company, Platinum Vape started as many family businesses do with little resources, big dreams and a lot of ambition. So how did this father-son duo go from 6 plants in their garage to the largest cannabis company in Michigan and rapid growth in California? When looking at all the trials and tribulations that cannabis companies endure, the question presents itself of “Why would anyone go through the struggle?”

George Sadler, co-owner of Platinum Vape, gives a small chuckle when asked the question of how they started. “My son Cody walked into my office one afternoon during his last year of college and said to me, ‘Dad have you ever thought about growing marijuana?’ My first thought was, Wow! All that money for schooling and you want to grow marijuana? After hearing him out and doing some of my own research, in November of 2013 we decided to go for it. We became instant partners and started our corporation with little resources- 6 plants and 6 lights in our garage- and way bigger dreams,” he says.

Platinum’s journey has not been particularly easy as they have been a part of the cannabis industry’s transition from legendary California era of homegrown “wild west” to the phase of professional standards and practices. Sadler conveys that many people are unaware of the trials that a cannabis company endures in order to survive. The biggest obstacle first and foremost is that it is not federally legal, “the security alone of handling so much cash is a huge problem and it feels as if everyone is out to get you,” he states.  

Sadler goes on to explain the stringent regulations and high taxation that the state puts on cannabis as being so much more than any other business. “The testing process for products is long and grueling,” he says. Beyond the law, Platinum has come across some counterfeit issues in Michigan. “We have had to be really involved on a much higher level then we initially thought,” says Sadler. “We recently discovered that people have been using their own products and trying to sell them as Platinum Vape. You would think that people copying your brand could be a good sign that you made it, but the truth is it can lead to a huge disaster.” Sadler goes on to ensure consumers that the counterfeit issue has been resolved. In a continuously growing and changing industry, agility is key. You always need to be on your toes and one step ahead,” he adds.

With so many obstacles to overcome, Platinum’s passion for sharing the undeniable benefits of cannabis to the world has kept pushing them forward. “We have always been really big about giving back to the community,” explains Sadler.  “We regularly support military families, veterans and provide food, water and blankets for the San Diego homeless.”

From an internal perspective, Sadler explains, “Platinum’s purpose is to provide people that normally wouldn’t have opportunities in the job space a chance to be successful and feel good about what they are doing. I describe our company of 50 employees in San Diego as ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ or the ‘Island of Misfits’.  I personally didn’t graduate high school, went back later to get my GED,  and there are only two people at our company that have a college degree. However, we really do have a group of people that are extremely talented and we have been able to bring that out in all different facets. We truly have some amazing people growing our company” he exclaims.

Platinum products are currently sold in nearly half of all licensed stores in California and the company has a 20-40% revenue growth every month. “I am beyond grateful for being the largest cannabis company in Michigan and the quick rate at which Platinum is growing in California,” says Sadler. Platinum has expanded its product line from vaporizer pens to flower, pre-rolls and disposable cartridges. When asked what the future looks like for Platinum Sadler answers, “We really want the Platinum brand to represent a full-service company offering something from every facet of the industry on the shelves. We have soft launched our chocolates which is going very well, gummies will launch in the next 30 days and we plan to eventually go into drinks.”  
Since new testing regulations have been in effect, 1 in 5 marijuana products in California have failed testing for potency and purity and an exponential amount of cannabis businesses are going under. Despite all odds against them, Platinum Vape has come out as a leader in producing safe and reliable products making their future in the cannabis industry bright.


Jessi Garrett
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