Mixing cannabis and tobacco has a lot of names within the stoner community, mole bowl, moke, spliff, the list goes on. A “mole bowl” or a “moke” is when weed and tobacco are mixed or layered to smoke out of a bong, a bubbler, or a pipe. A spliff is when cannabis and tobacco are rolled together in a joint. This mix is gaining popularity in America, and is already extremely common in Europe and Australia.


Tobacco and cannabis have different effects when used separately, but what happens when you use them together? Separately, nicotine spikes the “feel good” chemicals in your brain, which gives you an instant “dome” or lightheaded and happy feeling. With cannabis, you get your usual cannabis high, with psychoactive and relaxing effects. When you mix cannabis and tobacco, you’ll get a very sedative and instant high, but you might not get the brain fog you’d normally get from smoking pure cannabis. A 2009 study even found that mixing tobacco and marijuana creates more available THC. The study looked at the THC content in smoke from a cannabis joint compared to a spliff. The THC in a cannabis joint came out as 32.7 milligrams/gram, while the spliff had 58.9 milligrams/gram. This significantly higher number can hint at why mixing cannabis and tobacco can give such an instant and euphoric high. The higher THC content combined with the nicotine gives a very powerful head rush combined with a euphoric feeling.

Health Risks

Though tobacco and weed is an age-old combination, tobacco does have adverse health effects, such as asthma, tooth and gum disease, and potentially cancer. But when it comes to health, is there a difference when it comes to smoking pure tobacco and mixing tobacco and cannabis? The answer is yes and no. If you’re not smoking tobacco outside of combining it with cannabis, then you’re most likely smoking much less tobacco than the average cigarette smoker, which is about 1,000-1,500 cigarettes a year. The more tobacco you smoke, the higher your chances are for negative health consequences. If you’re an occasional spliff-smoker, your chances for negative health effects are much lower. However, if your spliff doesn’t have a filter, then you’ll be breathing in more carcinogens than a filtered cigarette. While the health risks might not be as large when you smoke cannabis and tobacco together, smoking tobacco always poses a risk. 
Our favorite way to smoke cannabis is by using one of our vape cartridges or rolling up a pure cannabis joint.