(Jan 15, 2020)

by Melissa Schiller – Cannabis Business Times

The company has worked alongside law enforcement to get illicit products removed from store shelves, and recently launched a QR code solution to help customers verify the authenticity of its products. When George Sadler, president of Platinum, a California-based cannabis product manufacturer that distributes products in both California and Michigan, started receiving messages on social media from its Michigan customers about vape cartridges not meeting their expectations, he suspected that counterfeits of the company’s products were being sold at unauthorized retailers, and he immediately started looking for ways to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters. “We started receiving stuff on social media saying, ‘Hey, I bought this cartridge [and] it doesn’t taste right. This isn’t a Platinum vape. What are you guys doing?’” Sadler told Cannabis Dispensary. “We … started to look around and started asking questions [like], ‘Where did you purchase this product?’ Then we realized, they were purchasing from stores that were not licensed and we had not done any distribution to. We had flown out there, and we started hitting these stores.” (Read More)