Confusion in California market gives opportunity


Contact: Janet Matula
Phone: (858) 922-8795

(San Diego, CA September 10) – According to company sources, Platinum Vape is planning a major grassroots campaign to dominate the cannabis vaporizer market in California. Legalization of cannabis has disrupted the manufacture supply chain leaving a handful of brands with large budgets and deep pockets.

“It’s very simple,” said George Sadler, President, “we are providing pure oil that is compliant, consistent and powerful at a reasonable price. Platinum Vape is in the for the long run. The public appreciates value. We will work with retailers in promotions, joint advertising, and customer education.” Sadler believes that working closely on the retail level will pay off. He knows this first hand as he has been on the frontline of growing, retail and manufacturing.

Currently Platinum Vape is featuring three vapes: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid in various popular strains. The cartridges are superior to most on the market, according to several sources. Pure CO2 oil and terpenes are housed in a glass container with metal tip, state of the art ceramic coil and Ccell battery. The flavor is delicate and complex with a THC average of 70+ percent. A disposable vape will be launched this fall with other products.

This summer Platinum launched a line of cannabis flower. “The philosophy remains the same.
Quality flower at a value price. We believe the consumer recognizes the consistency of our products and our high standards,” continued Sadler.

It all began in 2013 in San Diego, California as a father and son family business. As a pioneer in the industry there have been struggles, but Cody and George Sadler have never abandon their principles to provide an honest product. Platinum Vape has been a part of the cannabis industry transition from legendary California era of homegrown “wild west” to the current phase of professional standards and practices. George Sadler continued, “We’ve never wavered on our values of hard work, dedication and the stubborn resolve to make quality products at a value.”